Johnson – His chair creaks after Frost’s resignation


The pandemic has been a major concern of the government since the British Prime Minister took office. But this difficult problem that needs to be solved has created – among other things – frictions within the Conservative party, which now put Johnson’s leadership in serious jeopardy.

The news of the resignation of the Minister for Brexit Lord Frost comes to confirm what has been heard a lot lately in the British public opinion: How much longer will Boris Johnson endure?

In a letter to the British Prime Minister yesterday, Lord Frost clarified his opposition to the new “mandatory measures” of the pandemic but also to the decision to increase insurance contributions.

Although he described Johnson as an “excellent leader” in his letter, he expressed concern about the “general direction taken by the Conservative government”.

Reactions to resignation

The resignation request had been made since the beginning of the month, but Johnson hoped that the final decision would either be reversed or delayed a little longer. It is true that the news was shocking to many, as Frost was one of Johnson’s most ardent supporters and allies, largely because of their shared vision for Brexit.

The official Labor Party said the resignation “reflects the current chaos in the government”, while the Liberals claimed that “the mice are leaving Johnson’s sinking ship”.

However, there were strong reactions from the ruling parties in Northern Ireland. Although Lord Frost stated in his resignation letter that “Brexit is now safe”, the Northern Ireland side was quick to point out that the issue of the agreement was not closed and that “Northern Ireland would not be the collateral loss of the chaos.” Conservatives “.

Johnson’s dilemma

It is the third blow in just one week, after the 100-member rebel vote in the restrictive measures and the loss of the Conservative seat by the Liberals in North Sropshire after 200 years.

It remains to be seen whether Boris Johnson will choose to regain the trust of his MPs or the scientific community and a large section of the world who are calling for more action, as it seems the two are not going well.

Zoe Katzagiannaki, London

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