Brexit: Ireland does not expect trade talks to be affected


THE British Health Minister Sajid Javid said today that he understood the resignation of the Minister in charge of Brexit, David Frost, who was disappointed with the moves of the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Frost’s resignation was another blow to Johnson, who is facing a series of scandals and the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

He also raised questions about the future profile of the divorce with the EU and the course of the Northern Ireland talks.

Frost said he was confident Brexit was not in jeopardy, but expressed concern about where the government was headed.

“I understand his reasons. He is a man of moral values. People with principles are resigning from the government,” Javid told Sky News.

The European Commission declined to comment when asked about its reaction to Frost’s resignation.

The French Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of European Affairs, Clement Bonn, said today that it was time for the British government to rebuild a climate of trust with France and the EU.

For its part, the Irish government has said it does not believe Frost’s resignation will delay the progress of post-Brexit trade talks in Northern Ireland, as he was merely representing the British government.

As Public Defender Michael McGrath told RTE today, “We expect that he will not delay the progress that has been made. From our point of view and from the EU’s point of view, of the British Government “.

However, a European Commissioner today called on Boris Johnson not to replace Frost with a staunch Brexit supporter, saying a British refusal to compromise was unsustainable.

“If the priority is just to appease the hardliners in Johnson’s Conservative Party, then I think we are in a very bad position. If the people (in London) think there will be no compromise, then there will be no progress and that is unsustainable. Ireland’s commissioner, Mered McGuinness, told RTE radio station she was asked if Frost’s replacement would likely be a hardliner.

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