Bulgaria: 80% of employers plan to give Christmas bonus to staff


The 80% of Bulgarian employers plans to give bonus in the staff them for the Christmas (from 60% in 2020), the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry found in a survey of more than 100 organizations and companies between December 6th and 10th.

As in previous years, the granting of bonuses is due to the desire to provide incentives to employees (48% of respondents), the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays (35%) and the financial situation of the company (24%).

More than half of those surveyed said they would pay the same amount of bonuses to all their staff and 35% said they would link the amount to employee performance.

Most of the bonuses, 30%, will not exceed BGN 200. A 28% will range between BGN 200 and BGN 500, and an 18% will range from BGN 500 to BGN 1,000.

The staff of 12% of the companies can expect the Christmas bonus they will receive to exceed 1,000 BGN, and this percentage has decreased from 14% last year.

In some cases, the bonuses will take the form of gifts, a percentage of the monthly salary or an additional salary.

45% of companies intending to give the same or larger bonuses than last year represent a slightly higher percentage than 42% in 2020.

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