Cyprus: ExxonMobil confirmation drilling begins in a matter of hours – KSED readiness exercises


It is a matter of hours before the start of its confirmation drilling ExxonMobil on Plot 10 of the Cypriot EEZ. The platform with the drilling rig of the energy giant is located in the field of the Plot for the preparatory works in view of the resumption of the drilling.

Meanwhile, preparedness exercises in support of energy activities in the Cyprus EEZ were held in the last hours, according to an announcement by the Larnaca Search and Rescue Coordination Center.

According to the relevant announcement, in the context of preparedness for dealing with emergency situations, in support of the research activities of the company “EXXONMOBIL” within the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus, the KSED coordinated the execution of training flights and helicopter recruitments as well as the 460th Search and Rescue Squad of the National Guard, on the drilling ship “STENA FORTH”, before its departure for plot 10.

In addition, informative visits were made on the said ship by representatives of the Special Disaster Management Unit of the Fire Service, the Underwater Disaster Unit of the Navy Administration and the Special Counter-Terrorism Police Headquarters.

Nicosia / Response: Maniana Kalogeraki

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