Majorkinis: We expect a dramatic increase in cases


“Greece has much more measures than other countries”

Gikas Majorkinis explained the assessment that Greece does not need additional measures at the moment to stop the pandemic Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and its member Committee of Experts, speaking on SKAI’s main news bulletin.

“(New measures) are not ruled out, we are just far from that possibility at the moment”, Mr. Majorkinis stressed that there is still time because in Greece much more measures are in force than in other countries.

He cited the example of United Kingdom, where according to the assistant professor “does not have even one tenth of the measures we have at the moment “ but also the Netherlands where the use of a vaccination certificate was not applied to almost all social activities as in Greece.

He further stated that our country is ‘Far ahead» from most countries to vaccination by the third booster dose and therefore considers that “We still have time at this stage”.

We are waiting dramatic increase the number of cases

The professor said that scientists are waiting dramatic increase of the number of Omicron cases against Delta immediately after the holidays as specifically predicted.

“I do not think it will happen during the holidays a“It’s an extremely difficult virus to predict,” he said.

When asked when he would suggest additional measures, he replied that the answer does not depend on the number of cases but on the pressure exerted on the health system.

Explain that it is extremely difficult at this time to calculate how many cases of mutation there are Omicron in Greece, however after over 25 then in the community can there are 3 to 4 times more.

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