Vaccines – Gatherings in European cities and clashes with police


The Omicron mutation can “gallop” with tens of thousands of cases a day in Europe, but there are those who stubbornly refuse to see the reality after almost two years.

In London

Thousands of vaccinators gathered in central London to demand that no new measures be imposed as London becomes the focus of the Omicron mutation.

For more than three days, the cases exceed 90,000 and Boris Johnson is expected to impose new strict measures on the standards of last year’s lockdown, most likely from December 27.


Tensions, clashes with police and dozens of arrests included a similar rally in Frankfurt, Germany.

The new government of Olaf Solz, with the cases in the country last week stable at over 40,000 per day, is focused on imposing even a general lockdown in order to limit the spread of the virus. There are many reports in the country that see far-right elements behind these demonstrations.


In Paris, thousands of pandemic deniers called for the abolition of health certificates, government restrictions and the resignation of the French president.

Emanuel Macron, after the cancellation of the festive events for the holidays, is likely to proceed with new measures during the holidays. No scientific evidence seems to be able to convince vaccinators.


In Italy, the central square of Turin was filled with negatives. Without masks and distances thousands of Italians said “no” to vaccines and restrictive measures.

With the country recording more than 25,000 cases a day, Mario Draghi announced that during the week he will have an extraordinary meeting with the special team of infectious disease specialists in order to decide whether new strict restrictive measures will be imposed.

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