Turkish prosecutor, wife drown in Aegean trying to escape Erdogan


Prosecutor Ibrahim Gunduz, 36, and Nurdan’s wife were brutally persecuted by the Erdogan regime. They were initially accused of being members of Fethullah Gulen’s FETO organization and of being actively involved in both the coup and other “subversive” actions for Erdogan.

They were both fired from their jobs, arrested and imprisoned in the Turkish dungeons of Ottoman prisons in southern Turkey for at least 15 months. There, in prison, Ibrahim and Nurdan decided to live their lives together and get married.

At the beginning of December and while their trial was pending, the couple, unable to withstand the persecution, decided to flee to Greece and seek political asylum. He arrived with a thousand and two precautions on the beach and boarded an inflatable to cross to Kos.

On that day, however, the weather was bad, gray and the wind was raging. It was not long before the inflatable swelled in the middle of the sea and the cold waters of the Aegean became the grave of the couple.

It was a recent news in the Greek media about another shipwreck in the Aegean, from the many things that are done with inflatables and people who want to cross to Greece.

The photo symbol

However, the story that hid this shipwreck made many in Turkey cry. The last photo of the couple taken on November 10, which Ibrahim uploaded to his personal profile, became a symbol.

He shows them sitting on a bench in front of the Bosphorus on the east side and looking at the islet on which is Kis Kulezi (Leandro’s tower). Comments on Ibrahim’s profile below the photo – as soon as their deaths became known – were scathing for the Erdogan regime.

The satirical magazine LeMan, which is a “red cloth” for Erdogan, dedicated its last page to the young couple who drowned lost while crossing the Aegean to seek political asylum in Greece.

In the picture, which refers to the last photo taken in the Bosphorus, in the place of the two young people there are two roses. The caption reads: “Prosecutor Ibrahim and his wife Nurdan, who were expelled by government decree, lost their lives when their boat capsized while trying to cross the island of Kos in Greece.”


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