Spyros Mazanis: “The children leave the clinics excited to be vaccinated” (vid)


The pediatrician talked about vaccinating children and possible side effects.

As Mr. Mazanis told MEGA, the CDC announced the official results of the side effects of the vaccines in children and showed that they are 20 times smaller from those that occur in children 12 years of age and older and in adults.

Parents are more concerned about myocarditis, but evidence shows that children 5 to 12 years old are one incident in 1 million.

The booster dose has not yet been given to children: “With the first installment the first certificate comes out, with the second installment the official certificate comes out and after 14 days they can go to the clubsHe laughed and added that with regard to the Omicron mutation, it is valid that in adults with the first data showing that is more contagious than the Delta. There is still no official data on how seriously someone from Omicron is ill.

The first vaccines for children have already been exhausted however, from January 3, new preparations will be received and the platform will be reopened.

«For the first time we see children leaving the clinics excitedly vaccinated»

«Kids want to get rid of tests because they do a lot of tests. Children are at the age of getting other vaccines and know the necessity and usefulness of vaccines“, He stressed.

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