Britain – Finance Minister Richie Sunak disagrees with imposition of new measures


Britain’s Treasury Secretary Richie Sunak is one of ten government ministers who are resisting new pre-Christmas restrictions to limit the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, the Times reported.

The British government’s chief scientific adviser Patrick Valance told ministers at the weekend that new restrictions should be imposed as soon as possible to prevent the collapse of the British National Health Service (NHS), according to the same newspaper.

Fears of 3,000 hospitalizations daily

The Scientific Advisory Group on Emergency Management in Britain has announced that if no action is taken, an additional 3,000 or more patients may need to be treated daily.

However, about a third of British government ministers oppose the new restrictions and question the validity of the study, the report added.

Sunak wants to wait until the information is clear and has suggested that more models be considered before decisions are made.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also opposed to imposing more restrictions, as he believes people are taking action on their own and taking booster doses of Covid-19 vaccine in large numbers, according to the Times, citing a his political ally.

Earlier in the day, Britain’s health minister declined to rule out additional restrictions against Covid-19 before Christmas, saying the spread of the Omicron variant was a rapidly evolving situation.

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