Clarifications for extensions to tax liabilities and for increases in subsidies (video)


Clarifications on the package of financial measures to relieve the citizen were given this morning by ERT financial advisor Giannis Chatzisalatas. The extensions that have been given are:

  • Refundable Deposit: First installment payment until June 30 and 15% discount on one-time payment.
  • Fixed Expenses: The “discount coupon” is extended until June 30.
  • “Cooperation” program: Extension of the measure until March 31.
  • It is extended until June 30 reduced VAT for dialysis materials and personal hygiene products.

Electricity subsidy:

  • The subsidy is increased from 49.5 euros to 55.5 euros for December.
  • DEPA: Gas subsidy increases from 16% to 40%
  • 15 902 Energy Solidarity Line for vulnerable households

What applies to electronic receipts:

  • The obligation to collect electronic payments for 30% of income is not abolished.
  • From 1/1/2022 all receipts from freelancers will lead to a tax refund.  

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