Britain – What Raab Says About Gathering in Downing Street Garden During Lockdown


It is not a party that shows a photo showing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and more than 12 people drinking wine in the garden of his Downing Street home last year during a lockdown, Deputy Prime Minister Dominique Raab said today.

The photo, published by the British newspaper Guardian, shows Johnson with his wife Carrie, who seems to be holding their then-newborn son, and two other people sitting at a table with cheese and wine on the terrace. of Downing Street Garden.

“Downing Street uses this garden as a place to work,” Raab told Times Radio. “This is not against the rules,” Raab added.

“I honestly do not think this is classified as a party,” Raab said, adding: “I do not think it was a party.”

In connection with the pandemic, the vice-president of the British government also answered today that he can not give guarantees when asked if the government will impose further restrictive measures before Christmas to control the spread of the new coronavirus.

“I just can not give any guarantees,” Raab told Sky News, adding that ministers would continue to look into the latest data available.

The Deputy Prime Minister also clarified in his statements to Times Radio that 12 people have died from the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus and that 104 people infected with this variant strain are currently being treated with COVID-19.

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