Great Britain: Front cliff and back stream


Today will decide, the Boris Johnson, if it will proceed to additional harsh restrictions, which will be imposed immediately before Christmas. At the same time, the British Prime Minister is under intense pressure from them Toris, who angrily speak of a letter of confidence, while ten ministers of the cabinet, among them the Risi Sunak, the Minister of Finance, declare against any other measure.

The Prime Minister is considering three scenarios, including restrictions on the involvement of households indoors in England, a ban on traffic in pubs and restaurants and even an immediate call to address it. Ομικρον According to the estimates of the Sage scientific team that advises the government, which speaks of 1000 deaths per day unless stricter measures are imposed. The cases related to the new executive have increased by 72% in a week, recording a total of 37,101 Omicron cases.

THE Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister says he can not guarantee that no more measures will be imposed but believes that the British will have a “much better Christmas than last year” due to the overall level of vaccination in the country

Vaccination rates show that more than 89% of people aged 12 and over in the UK have given their first dose and more than 81% have received both while 48% have received booster shots. against coronavirus.

Response: Natasa Kantzavelou, London

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