New measures in view of the holidays – Test for all


The government is expected to take new measures in anticipation of the Christmas and New Year holidays by applying increased testing to all vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens.

Specifically, yesterday a meeting was held at the Maximos Palace under the Prime Minister, in the presence of Sotiris Tsiodras in order to examine how to deal with the spread of the “omicron” mutation and what measures should be taken.

According to information, there is a proposal for increased testing during the holiday season so that there is better tracking of cases and the relevant decisions will be taken within the week will be announced tomorrow Tuesday or the day after.

The main goal of the government is to avoid lockdown and in all probability the new measures are expected to apply for the New Year and not for Christmas.

At the same time, targeted measures are already being implemented for travelers of the festive season with tests at the entrance gates and for the strengthening of the vaccination wall, such as the administration of the booster dose in the quarter from the second dose and the compulsory vaccination of people over 60 years old.

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