Volos: 106-year-old vaccinated for coronavirus – Loud message of love (vid)


An elderly woman had persistently expressed her desire for her children to be vaccinated – “The synonym of love has the name of the vaccine” said her doctor –

Mrs. Garyfallia from Volos, at the age of 106, passed a resounding message in favor of coronary vaccination.

She is one of the oldest people in Magnesia who defied all the dangers and theories that are heard and claimed her “Freedom”.

Although Mrs. Garyfallia due to age and incarceration was not considered necessary to be vaccinated if children and grandchildren they were all vaccinated, she insisted that she wants to proceed with the administration of the vaccine, a fact that happened a few hours ago.

Her doctor, Mr. Apostolos Pantsas, who considered that her state of health allowed her to be vaccinated went to the woman’s home to carry out the vaccine.

In fact, as he characteristically stated today on the show “Hour of Greece” well done the big one is entitled to relatives“, While at the same time she stressed that her decision” gives a little cop to all those who they do not care about protecting their own people, they leave them unvaccinated and they are exposed to young children who this time carry the infection home. ”

See the excerpt:

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