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Can Climate Change Cause Divorce? It is possible. According to a new study, the Albatross, one of the most faithful creatures in the world, “separate” more often, according to BBC.

The study, published in the journal Royal Society, examined 15,500 breeding albatross pairs in the Falkland Islands for 15 years.

Albatross “divorce” occurs when one of the two members of a couple mates with another person.

Only 1% of albatrosses divorce after choosing a life partner – a much lower rate than divorces between people.

“Monogamy and long-term relationships are very common for them,” he says Francesco Ventura, researcher at the University of Lisbon and co-author of the study.

However, in the years that the study was conducted, where higher water temperatures were recorded, up to 8% of albatross couples divorced.

Therefore, “environmental divorce may be a neglected consequence” of climate change, the study shows.

The albatross “divorce” usually occurs when a couple fails to multiply, so each finds new mates in the next breeding season.

But the study showed that couples are separating now, even though they have had a successful breeding season. Francesco says there is a possible theory it could be related to the challenges of a long distance relationship. Warmer waters force birds to hunt longer and fly farther. If the birds do not return in time for the breeding season, their mates can move on with a new mate.

According to a second theory, albatross stress hormones increase in a harsher environment, such as when the water is warmer. Thus, harsher breeding conditions and food shortages can cause more stress and a partner can be blamed for “poor performance” – something that can eventually lead to divorce, says Francesco.

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