USA: Two members of the Senate were infected with the new coronavirus


Senators Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker both announced Sunday that they had tested positive for the new coronavirus and were experiencing mild COVID-19 symptoms amid rising outbreaks across the country.

Ms. Warren, a 72-year-old Massachusetts senator who had been nominated by the Democrats to run for the presidency in 2020, said on Twitter that she was fully vaccinated and had received a booster dose and was frequently tested. Nevertheless, “although I had a negative result in the test I took earlier this week, today (yesterday Sunday) I did a new test that had a positive result.”

Booker, 52, also a Democrat representing New Jersey, said yesterday he tested positive “after I started having symptoms on Saturday.” He assured that he also recently received the booster dose of his COVID-19 vaccine and that he was experiencing “mild” symptoms. If he had not been vaccinated, he added, “I am sure (…) that I would be much worse.”

The Senate on Saturday suspended its operation until January 3.

Cases on Capitol Hill are recorded as the country faces a new outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, with more than 127,000 cases confirmed on average on a daily basis (+ 17% in 14 days) and deaths just under 1,300 per 24 hours, according to the New York Times. The United States remains the world hardest hit by the world’s new coronavirus pandemic, with 806,439 deaths out of a total of nearly 51 million laboratory-confirmed infections.

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