Germany is behind the construction of Turkey’s famous drone


A subsidiary of the German arms company Hensoldt is behind the construction of the Turkish Bayraktar TB 2 attack drone.

Sales have skyrocketed

According to the German television ZDF, a year ago there was a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Karabakh region. Azerbaijan used the Turkish attack drone Bayraktar TB 2 and won.

The drone destroyed 900 targets in Armenia and caused $ 2 billion in damage. Sales of the Bayraktar TB 2 have since skyrocketed. Nine countries are already using it and eleven more want to buy it.

“Turkey can become a world leader in this technology. “No human force will be able to stop us,” said the technical director of the Turkish manufacturer Baykar during the presentation of the drone.

Aggressive drones use special target detection systems, which are something like the eye of the weapon.

One of these systems is manufactured by the South African subsidiary of the German arms company Hensoldt, which is presented as a leading supplier of military reconnaissance systems.

“Gains from war conflicts”

“Profits from war are secured,” criticizes Andreas Schuler, an expert in international law.

“This is in stark contrast to German foreign policy.” Without Hensoldt’s technology, the Turkish drone would not even be able to operate.

“We urgently need to stop using German technology in drone missions that violate international law,” Schuler said.

For example, the use of drones by the Turkish army against Kurds in northern Iraq was contrary to international law. On August 17, 2021, an attack by Turkish drones on a hospital resulted in eight deaths and four injuries.

To be banned

Hensoldt’s cooperation with Turkey’s Baykar began in 2020, when the Canadian government ended its supply of reconnaissance systems from Canada, following the use of drones in the Karabakh conflict.

Schuler calls on the new Federal Government, which has promised to curb arms exports, to ban such transactions.

“The government now has the opportunity to end the possibility of bypassing the existing arms export guidelines through a new law to control them,” he said.


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