Enlistment in the Army with 2022 ADESSO


By circular order of the Ministry of National Defense, conscripts with the 2022 AD / ESSO are invited to enlist in the Army, from 17 to 20 January 2022, (while from 10 to 12 January 2022 will be presented those who in the past had a deferral due to health), as follows:

a. The conscripts of class 2024 (year of birth 2003) who are registered or are undeclared in the registers of males of the Prefecture of Xanthi (only of the Municipalities of Abdera, Myki and Topiros).

b. Conscripts of the classes 1999 to 2023 (years of birth 1978 to 2002), from all the Prefectures that are obliged to enlist and are of categories one to four (I / 1 to I / 4), full-time or part-time, regardless of whether they have whether or not they have completed basic or special education and the reasons for their obligation to classify were created in the period from 1 September 2021 to 31 October 2021.

c. The conscripts of the classes of paragraph 1b hereof who have had their classification postponed for health reasons and the reasons for their obligation to classify were created in the period from 1 November 2021 to 31 December 2021.

2. Those who are called during their classification must have with them:

a. Their police ID card, Classification Note, Individual Hospitality Booklet, proof of their Tax Registration Number (TIN), Social Security Registration Number (AMKA) as well as chest x-ray, accompanied by an expert or counselor any Public or Prefectural Hospital or Health Center or Military Hospital or corresponding specialty, private doctor of the Country.

b. The results of molecular screening test (PCR test) of COVID-19 coronavirus, which should have been performed within seventy two (72) hours before the date of classification. Scanning is performed free of charge at public hospitals, health centers, designated regional clinics or military hospitals, with the presentation of a classification note and a police ID card or other official identification, in accordance with applicable law.

3. With Φ.421.4 / 1/322490 / Σ.1493 / 26 Feb 21 / ΚΥΑ “Final dismissal of the hoplites and the reserve officers from the ranks of the Armed Forces” (ΒΔ 853), from 2021 ΓΓ ΕΣΣΟ and hereafter, a term of 12 months shall be established for the hoplites-drafted hoplites full of military service and 17 months for the Probationary Reserve Officers-Reserve Lieutenants respectively, except in the cases specified in Articles 1 and 2 of the -Prepared hoplites full of military service and 14 months for the Probationary Reserve Officers – Reserve Lieutenants respectively.

4. The persons to be classified, who suffer from chronic diseases and are monitored for at least six (6) months, have the possibility:

a. To be examined in the Military Hospitals of the Army, by appointment in the respective outpatient clinics, in order to obtain a medical opinion, before their classification. Upon their arrival at the outpatient clinics of the Military Hospitals, they must show their classification note and present the complete medical file of their condition. They will then be given a medical report by the military doctor of the Military Hospital, which they will present at the Reception Point of the Armed Forces (SYPO), in order to be examined by the Health Committees and the Special Military Councils.

b. If they do not want or can not be examined in Military Hospitals, to provide a medical opinion of their condition by the treating doctors of state and only hospitals. This opinion must explicitly state that the treating physician regularly monitors the patient in question for at least six months and keeps a complete medical record of his condition. In this case, the persons to be classified must submit the above opinion to the medical service of the Hoplite Reception Point (SYPO).

5. More information about the Reception Points of the Armed Forces (SYPO), the exact dates and the obligations of those who are called for classification, are provided by the local Military Services or on the website “www.stratologia.gr”, through which the conscripts are required to print the Ranking Note.


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