YPAAT: Eleven phytosanitary inspectors were certified


Eleven phytosanitary inspectors that will enhance the export of fresh fruit to the US market have been certified by the Department of Phytosanitary Control of the Plant Production Protection Department of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

A prerequisite for the export of kiwis, grapes, citrus fruits and pomegranates to the United States market is that they are subjected to coldtreatment, based on approved protocols of the competent phytosanitary service of the US Department of Agriculture.

The protocols are officially implemented by phytosanitary inspectors in our country, trained and certified by USDA / APHIS.

The training certified a total of eleven (11) phytosanitary inspectors in the country and in particular:

– Four (4) in the Prefecture of Pella

– Two (2) in the district of Imathia

– One (1) in the PE of Ioannina

– Two (2) in the Kavala PE and

– Two (2) in the PE of Thessaloniki

The 11 new certified auditors are added to the already 24 certified auditors across the country, bringing their total to 35.

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