Economou: It is necessary to faithfully observe the measures during the holidays with a test by everyone


The universality of the tests in the whole population – including the vaccinated ones – for the holidays was left today by the government representative, Giannis Oikonomou.

“In view of the festive season, we have a specific framework on the basis of which we proceed with strong recommendations for the observance of the measures that have been instituted and for measures that have to do with personal protection and for frequent controls. Point interventions regarding the audits may be deemed necessary and will be announced after the committee meets and gives its opinion. “The situation with” Omicron “is dynamic, we are watching its evolution, we are watching what is happening in the rest of Europe and we will react accordingly to shield the country from the widespread dispersion of this mutation,” said government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou. .

“Depending on the suggestions we will receive, possibly for some of the holidays, where there will be a large number of people for indoor entertainment, if such a measure is deemed necessary, we will discuss it and announce it in time,” he said. when asked if the use of rapid test indoors will be imposed.

“The dynamics of Omicron and the new data it brings may force us to take such measures for the further protection of the vaccinated themselves as the new mutation is uncharted,” he added, noting that if necessary, the measure of use should be implemented. rapid test, it will be borne by the citizen who will visit places where the test is necessary.

Mr. Oikonomou also underlined that it is useful in the messages we send to the society about what is valid or what may be added to be clear and clear and very specific, that is why the announcements will be made after the suggestions of the officials from the ministry. health.

“We have an emergency in relation to Omicron that forces all countries to adjust their strategy and take additional measures. “If it is judged in our country during the holidays, in order not to disrupt the operation of the market as a whole, we will proceed with specific announcements after the decisions are taken,” he said.

In addition, the government spokesman clarified that there is no suggestion of the committee at the moment for a possible postponement of the operation of the schools.

“The protocols according to which the lifelong learning worked were very effective, we have a reduction of cases in schools and the students were protected as there was the possibility of very frequent testing and based on this logic we are preparing for the opening of schools after the holidays. . There is no suggestion of the committee at the moment for a possible postponement of the operation of the schools. “There is also no suggestion of a short-term lock down and no thought of universal restraint measures,” he said.

Referring to the statements of Alexis Tsipras about elections, he underlined “We all understand why Mr. Tsipras demands elections. He is calling for elections because he is trying to secure his position in the official opposition, something that is now being questioned as a result of his inadequacy and the style and kind of opposition he has been doing all this time. “The prime minister answered very clearly that elections will be held at the end of the four years, whether Mr. Tsipras asks for them or not.”

“Mr. Tsipras is the greatest in micropolitics but he is the least in the great and critical matters that interest society and by which politicians and leaders are judged,” he added.

Finally, he noted that after the announcement of the mandatory vaccination for those over 60, 150,000 additional citizens of this age group made an appointment for the first dose.  

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