DIMEA: Fines of 78,000 euros for trafficking and 14,300 euros for measures for the coronavirus


Fines totaling 14,300 euros and 15 days of suspension of operation in 1 store of health interest were imposed by the Inter-Service Market Control Unit (DIMEA) in the context of inspections in Attica, Peloponnese, Central Greece, Western Greece and Central Macedonia for the measures of something koronoi.

Specifically, according to a relevant announcement, from 17-12-2021 to 19-12-2021 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) DIMEA carried out 347 inspections to observe the measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, in Attica , Peloponnese, Central Greece, Western Greece and Central Macedonia.

Fines of a total amount of 14,300 euros and 15 days suspension of operation (in 1 store of health interest) were imposed in stores of health interest for non-observance of the rules provided by the JM 77146 / 11-12-2021 (Β ‘5816) as it was valid until Monday, December 20, 2021 at 6:00 and specifically for:

• do not post in document or digitally the maximum number of people allowed inside the store

• for non-compliance with the maximum number of people

• do not use protective masks.

Checks for trafficking and fines totaling 78,000 euros

In the meantime, in the context of the weekly business activity of DIMEA, in order to deal with illegal trade throughout the territory:

– During the period from 13.12.2021 to 19.12.2021, a total of 238 inspections were carried out and 58 infringements related to illegal trade were confirmed.

– In collaboration with the Hellenic Police, the companies of DI.M.E.A. to deal with illegal trade took place in Attica, Peloponnese, Central Greece and Western Greece.

– Fines totaling 78,000 euros were imposed for illegal trafficking of counterfeit / counterfeit products and for issues related to the use of a card acceptance terminal and means of payment by card (POS).

– 4,757 pieces of counterfeit items were confiscated, which were sold from online stores (eshop).

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