TEE: Electronic studies and certificates of active fire protection


From today, Monday 20/12/2021, the approvals of Active Fire Protection Studies and of Active Fire Safety Certificates (submission, issuance and archiving) will be submitted by engineers and will be handled by the Fire Services exclusively electronically through the e-Permits system.

The President of TEE George Stasinos stated the following:

“Greece is taking another step towards the modernization of the licensing process of companies and constructions. The digital process for Active Fire Protection through the TEE e-adeies system helps in practice every productive activity in the country to be licensed faster, with transparency and reliability, with standardization and timely results. I would like to congratulate and thank for the cooperation the executives of the Fire Service and the TEE for the goal focus and efficiency. It is another step to make the work of the engineers who undertake the licensing of projects and activities easier. A step that will reduce the time required to license buildings and businesses. And more will follow. “

According to the Amendment of ΥΑ ΥΠΕΝ / ΥΠΡΓ / 48123/6983 / 2018ΦΕΚ Β ‘4874/2021 and the Firefighting Order 13/2021, the process of issuing the Approval and the Archiving of Active Fire Protection Study, their Update, as well as the Certificate of Fire , as defined in the Fire Department no. 13/2021, are now carried out electronically, through the system “e-Licenses”, according to article 33 of law 4495/2017, as in force.

The new electronic procedure started on Monday 20/12/2021 after many months of preparation and the final issuance of a relevant certificate of the President of the TEE, according to the relevant legislative provision. The adaptation of the e-licensing system was done by the TEE staff in collaboration with fire department officials.

The service is primarily aimed at engineers who have undertaken the execution of the relevant procedures by owners or tenants or operators of real estate during the licensing of business / economic activity, where provided by law – and the competent fire authorities. Active Fire Protection mainly concerns the study and implementation of systems and means for firefighting and fire detection, formation of fire safety teams, training for firefighting and instructions for their response, etc. in every productive or non-productive installation and building.

In the new system, the applications and their control will be carried out exclusively electronically through the information licensing system “e-licenses” of the TEE, through the functions of which the following are offered and ensured:

  • Certification of the applicant engineer
  • Automatic routing to the competent Fire Service depending on the location of the space to be approved or installation
  • Secure access of the executives of each fire service for internal charging and control of the submitted studies and data.
  • Formulate observations to correct data where required
  • Transparency and traceability of the process
  • Electronic file keeping with searchable

As of today, the new system has access to about 80,000 engineers and 1100 firefighters distributed in 117 fire services across the country.

The following types of applications have been included in the system:

  • Approval of a (active) fire protection study
  • Filing of a (active) fire protection study
  • Certificate of (active) fire protection
  • Posting of a printed approved / certified fire protection study (active)
  • Update on the approval of a (active) fire protection study
  • Update of (active) fire protection study archiving

The procedures for passive fire protection studies remain the same during the building permit phase. It is noted that it was preceded, in collaboration with the TEE with the Fire Service, the mapping with geospatial data on a digital background of the limits of responsibility of the Fire Services across the country.

This new system is part of the list of Actions envisaged in the World Bank Doing Index / ranking proposals (criterion in the licensing section) and is expected to improve Greece’s entrepreneurship index when the survey is re-conducted, just as it improved its position. The e-adeies system was launched 4 years ago.

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