Theodorikakos: 10,000 police officers on the streets in the coming days


In delivery of 113 new patrol cars included in its fleet Immediate Action in Attica and Thessaloniki, attended today o Minister of Protection of Politis, Takis Theodorikakos, which took place at the premises of the Hellenic Police in Markopoulo. The purchase cost of the patrol cars was covered by the European Internal Security Fund.

The minister said that the new vehicles will be available for the Immediate Action of Attica and Thessaloniki, while he made special reference to the incidents of police officers who saved the woman from a certain murder in Thessaloniki and the arrests during the operation in Zefyri, but also for the 10,000 police officers who will carry out sweeping checks on holidays, for security and measures for the coronavirus.

The receipt of the new patrols took place in the presence of the General Secretary of Public Order Konstantinos Tsouvalas and the Chief of the Hellenic Police, Lieutenant General Michael Karamalakis.

Mr. Theodorikakos regarding the receipt of the new vehicles stated: “Today the Greek Police receives another 113 patrols, which will be available for Immediate Action, in the Attica basin and in Thessaloniki. They will help our police officers do their job even better, as happened in the last few days with the four police officers who rescued a woman at the last minute in Thessaloniki and with the arrest of eight people for drugs in Zefyri and Liossia. “There are dozens of other cases across the country that prove that the Greek Police is here for the safety of all citizens.”

Regarding the measures during the festive period regarding the observance of the protection measures against covid- 19, the Minister of Protection, among other things, stressed: “In the coming days the security measures for the citizens will become much stronger as we approach the Christmas holidays. and New Year. 10,000 police officers, men and women of the Greek Police will be here to assist in the order and security measures and of course in the precautionary measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s make it easy for them to do their job. Let us also take measures for the health of all of us, let us observe the measures requested by the state “.  

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