How the presumptions of 2022 are inflated and how they are covered


The presumptions of 2022 for millions of taxpayers will be significantly increased, due to the increase of up to 250% of the fair values ​​of real estate, in most parts of the country.

May extended until 31 January the possibility of transferring real estate with the old objective prices of real estate, however they are valid and will affect both the presumptions and the ENFIA and other 18 taxes and fees.

In this context, and in view of the dramatic increase in the presumptions for the majority of taxpayers, they must, from now until the end of 2021, ensure that they are fortified, making a series of moves, if of course they have the opportunity.

It is noted that the imputed cost of the property, although increased, may be covered by the actual income, however if there are cars, loan service costs, etc. the total charge is avoided.

The evidence drastically affects taxation as, last year, 2,032,887 taxpayers fell into the trap of presumptions last year, obligors and spouses, to whom additional revenue of 6.35 billion euros was attributed. More specifically:

  • The statements of the obligors who fell into the trap of presumptions in 2020 amounted to 1,663,670 who initially declared revenue of 3.24 billion euros, but were charged an additional imputed income of 5.2 billion euros, and were taxed for a total of 8.44 billion euros.
  • The spouses of taxpayers who also fell into the trap of presumptions, amounted to 369,217. They initially reported revenue of 395.82m euros, but were charged imputed expenses of 1.14 billion euros. Thus, they were taxed for a total income of 1.54 billion euros and of course paid a significantly higher tax.

How they are treated

The basic moves for dealing with the presumptions and the times of their implementation are the following:

  • Invoking the income of previous financial years. This is the “capital consumption of previous years” with which it can cover any additional difference in taxable income that has arisen due to the application of the presumptions, citing income and income declared even 10, 20, 30 or more years ago, provided of course have been declared to the Tax Office. All it has to do is add up all the income from salaries, pensions, allowances, rent, business, interest on deposits, dividends, goodwill (e.g. stocks), etc., the amounts of revenue from the sale of assets or other income such as one-off benefits from insurance funds, lottery winnings, donations. Subtract from the resulting sum the amounts taken into account in the same tax returns as living items (for homes, private cars, swimming pools, boats, service staff, etc.), as well as the amounts declared in same statements that he spent to acquire assets (real estate, cars, boats, movables of high value, etc.). The amount that will remain is the “capital” of previous years that the taxpayer can rely on to cover the presumption difference. This can be done at any time, shortly before filing the tax return.
  • Receiving donations or parental benefits especially this year when the tax-free amount was increased to 800,000 euros. However, the donation or parental benefit must be made within 2021. Also, in order to be recognized, the donations of money must be made through banks and declared to the Tax Office. The amounts of donations and parental benefits are a presumption for the donor.
  • Taking out loans received by the taxpayer within 2021 from banks, relatives or third parties. The conclusion of a loan is evidenced by a notarized or private document that has been stamped and has a certain date for the conclusion of the loan. It should be clear from the date that the loan was taken out in 2021 and before the cost of purchasing the asset to be justified. The amounts of the received loans are declared in table 6 of the form E1 of the tax return and specifically in code 781 by the debtor and in code 782 by the debtor’s spouse. But the “loan” must be taken in 2021 and a tax paid to the public.
  • The income that the taxpayer received within 2021 from the sale of his assets. Income from the sale of assets is taken into account the amounts received by the taxpayer from the sale of real estate, cars, movable property of high value, etc. The acquisition cost is deducted from the sale price received in 2021, ie the price paid in a previous year for the purchase of the asset.
  • Also, the weight of the evidence is reduced by:

  • Real income which were acquired in 2021 by the taxpayer himself, his wife and his dependent members and which are exempt from tax or are taxed in a special way. Such incomes are considered the compensation due to dismissal from work, unemployment benefits, EKAS, earnings from shares and mutual funds, interest from rep, interest-bearing bills and bonds of the Greek State, interest from deposits in banks, risk allowances, etc. These amounts are pre-filled by the services of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, provided that the institutions that paid them have sent them electronically to the A.A.D.E. the files with the related data.
  • Amounts of money that are not considered income under applicable provisions and acquired within 2021 by the taxpayer. These are the lump sum that the taxpayer received as a pensioner, the compensation he received from his insurance company, etc.
  • The amounts of money introduced in Greece by the taxpayer in 2021, either in euros or in foreign currency if their acquisition abroad is justified. Proof of these amounts requires the original document issued by each bank when cash is imported from abroad.
  • Lottery winnings, PPO, LOTTO, TZOKEP, Predetermined Bet etc. OPAP gambling The amounts of winnings from OPAP gambling are taken into account only if the taxpayer’s expense for the purchase of the coupon or the ticket or the lottery that he won is deducted. In order to prove the collection of profit from OPAP gambling or lottery, the taxpayer must have at his disposal the relevant certificate from OPAP. or from the company that conducts the Lottery draws.
  • Because the presumptions of real estate are increasing

    Especially with regard to the items, the effect is immediate, since the imputed cost of the property will be calculated with the new prices.

    Note that increases in zone prices have occurred in 7,634 zone areas or 52%, (6,105 are already included in the fair value system and the remaining 1,529 are included for the first time). In 2,860 zones or 21% of the total) prices decreased, while the objective values ​​remained unchanged in 2,729 zones or at 27%.

    This means that in areas where prices have risen, the imputed expense will increase, while in areas where the presumption of residence has decreased it will decrease. The imputed expenditure for properties that have not changed prices is not affected.

    The presumption of residence for the main residence declared by the taxpayer is calculated in stages based on its area, as follows:

    • up to 80 sq.m. main rooms, 40 euros per sq.m.
    • from 81 sq.m. up to 120 sq.m. main rooms, 65 euros per sq.m.
    • from 121 sq.m. up to 200 sq.m. main rooms, 110 euros per sq.m.
    • from 201 sq.m. up to 300 sq.m. main rooms, 200 euros per sq.m.
    • from 301 sq.m. and above main spaces, 400 euros per sq.m.
    • For the auxiliary spaces of the main house, there is a presumption of 40 euros per square meter, regardless of the size of the property.

    The above amounts increased by 40% for houses located in areas with objective prices from 2,800 to 4,999 euros per sq.m. and by 70% for houses located in areas with objective prices from 5,000 euros per sq.m. and above.

    For detached houses, the above amounts are taken into account increased by 20%. Also for the secondary residences the above amounts of presumption are taken into consideration reduced by 50%. The living presumptions for the residences are borne by the taxpayers, whether they are the same owners of these properties, or they rent them, or they have been granted them free of charge.  

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