Tsiodras: “We are on alert and vigilant to take any further measures if necessary”


Infectious Diseases Professor Sotiris Tsiodras spoke at the information event of the Medical School of EKPA about the pandemic

During his speech, Mr. Tsiodras referred to the news Omicron mutation emphasizing that “We are on alert and vigilant for any further action if needed».

Talk about a dynamic situation with the number of cases to doubles every two days. It’s particularly important if this is related to an increased likelihood of illness, serious illness and death, something we expect to learn in the coming weeks, the professor said.

«Certainly our country has not entered this phase. There is of course a risk, as epidemiology professors have said, that an Omicron wave is hiding in a current Delta wave, something we are constantly monitoring.“, Writes Kathimerini.

Regarding the measures for the coronavirus, Mr. Tsiodras said that with the appearance of Omicron measures were emphasized such as the third dose, rapid tests, the use of a mask, good ventilation.

«Certainly the situation in Europe worries us. Shows the rapid spread of a new mutation that could lead to a pan-European epidemic of enormous proportionsHe notes.

About to whom the study for ICUs, referred to his statement last week.

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