Russia – Moscow deports two German diplomats


Russia deports two German diplomats The move is a pre-announced response to a similar German decision last week, the foreign ministry in Moscow explained.

It is recalled that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Analena Berbok, had announced the deportation of two Russian diplomats, after the decision issued by a court today, and states that Moscow gave an order in 2019 for the murder in Berlin of a Georgian citizen.

“This assassination, ordered by the state, is a gross violation of the rules of German law and the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany,” said Burbock, who said she had summoned the Russian ambassador and notified her of the deportation decision. .

The warning of Moscow

The Berlin decision provoked an immediate reaction from Moscow, which said, through the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, that it would not leave unanswered the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

“Berlin’s unfriendly actions will not go unanswered. “There will be announcements on the subject soon,” Zakharova said.  

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