The use of trucks with a payload of more than 1.5 tons will not be allowed during the holidays


For safer traffic of vehicles and improvement of road traffic during the period of holidays of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, in addition to traffic facilitation measures to be taken at local level, will apply, according to the ELAS headquarters and truck ban beneficial cargo over 1.5 tonnes.


On Friday, December 24, 2021 and on Friday, December 31, 2021, for the output current and from 16:00 to 21:00, on Saturday, December 25, 2021 and on Wednesday, 05 January 2022 for the output current and from 08: 00 to 13:00, the following prohibitions will apply:

– On the A8 highway (Athens-Patras) from the tolls of Elefsina (CH. 26 + 500) to the Tolls of Rio (CH. 199 + 660).

– On the A1 motorway (Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzoni), from the Ag. Stefanou (Kryoneri) (CH. 27 + 960) to the intersection of Bralos (CH. 203 + 065), from the Roditsa junction (Lamia) (CH. 212 + 625) to the Rachon junction of Fthiotida ( CH 242 + 479), from the tolls of Makrychori (CH 374 + 291) to the Leptokarya junction (CH 410 + 359).

– On the National Road Thessaloniki – N. Moudania, from the Thermi flyover to the junction N. Moudania (61.5 km).

– On the A11 motorway (Schimatari – Chalkida), from its intersection with the A1 motorway (CH. 65 + 820) to the high bridge of Chalkida (CH. 12 + 300).

– On the National Road Thessaloniki-Kavala, from the 11th km (CH. 11 + 340) to the intersection of Leon Amfipolis (CH. 97 + 550).

– On the A5 motorway (Ionia Odos) from the bridge “Charilaos Trikoupis” (CH. 0 + 000) to the end of the Ionian Road (CH. 200 + 991).

– On the A7 highway (Central Peloponnese), downstream to Kalamata, from the Corinth Airport (CH. 85 + 300) to the level roundabout of Sparta (CH. 240 + 800) (Kalamata perimeter).

– On the A71 highway (Lefktro-Sparta) from A / K Lefktro (0 + 000) to A / K Sparta (CH. 45 + 000).

– On the National Road Ioannina-Arta-Antirrio in the direction of Antirrio.

On Sunday, December 26, 2021, Sunday, January 2, 2022, Thursday, January 6, 2022 and Sunday, January 9, 2022, for the input current and from 15:00 to 21:00 the prohibitions will apply:

– On the A8 highway (Athens-Patras), downstream to Athens, from the tolls of Rio (CH. 199 + 660) to the tolls of Elefsina (CH. 26 + 500).

– On the A1 highway (Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzoni), downstream to Athens, from the Leptokarya junction (CH. 410 + 359) to the Makrychori tolls (CH. 374 + 291), from the Rachon Fthiotida junction ( CH. 242 + 479) to the Roditsa junction (Lamia) (CH. 212 + 625), and from the intersection of Bralos (CH. 203 + 065) to the Ag. Stefanou (Kryoneri) (CH. 27 + 960).

– On the National Road N. Moudania-Thessaloniki from the junction N. Moudania (61.5 km) to the Thermi flyover.

– On the A11 highway (Schimatari – Chalkida), downstream to Schimatari, from the high bridge of Chalkida (CH. 12 + 300) to its intersection with the A1 highway (CH. 65 + 820).

– On the National Road Kavala – Thessaloniki from the intersection of Leon Amfipolis (CH. 97 + 550) to the 11th km (CH. 11 + 340).

– On the A5 highway (Ionian Road), downstream to Antirrio, from the end of the Ionian Road (CH. 200 + 991) to the bridge “Charilaos Trikoupis” (CH. 0 + 000).

– On the highway A7 (Central Peloponnese), downstream to Athens, from the level roundabout of Sparta (CH. 240 + 800) (perimeter of Kalamata) to A / K Corinth (CH. 85 + 300).

– On the A71 highway (Lefktro-Sparta), downstream to Lefktro, from A / K Sparta (CH. 45 + 000) to A / K Lefktro (0 + 000).

– On the National Road Ioannina-Arta-Antirrio in the direction of Ioannina.

Excluded from the traffic ban:

The vehicles that offer roadside assistance, according to law 3651/2008, the trucks of ELTA, the trucks of the distribution companies, the trucks of public (FDX) and private use (FIC) that transport live animals, sensitive food such as These are mentioned in the ATP international agreement (article 3 of Chapter II of the joint ministerial decision 50786/3319/2014 (BD 2418), provided that the percentage of the cargo of the above products transported is at least 10% of the payload.

Tankers carrying water (aquifers) when they move to deal with forest fires.

The trucks (refrigerators) of public (FDX) and private use (FIC) that transport fresh fruit and vegetables.

The lorries that transport by-products of animal origin for inactivation, according to regulation (EC) 1069/2009, if they have a relevant license from the Veterinary Directorate of the relevant Region and are accompanied by the foreseen commercial document.

The trucks of the Public Utility Organizations (HEDNO, IPTO, OTE, Natural Gas, etc.) when moving for the restoration of emergency failures of their networks and only if accompanied by a written order of the relevant organization.

Tankers transporting fuel for the refueling of firefighting equipment, if this is evidenced by appropriate documents or documents.

Trucks transporting equipment for musical and theatrical performances and trucks used for performing and transporting equipment to cover television and film events.

Trucks that carry oxygen for medical purposes.

The construction machines of DESE and the trucks that are used for the treatment of emergencies, at the request of the competent Civil Protection Service and with a relevant decision of the locally competent Traffic Directorate.

Emergency vehicles.

The trucks and construction machinery of the concession companies that manage the highways and their subcontractors in order to execute the work assigned to them smoothly.

It is pointed out that the Greek Police, on the occasion of the upcoming festive season, has planned to take increased road safety measures on the road network throughout the country.

In addition, it reminds all drivers and road users again that road safety is a matter for all of us.

In this context, ELAS recommends to the citizens:

– Before traveling, make a technical inspection of your vehicle and be informed about the condition of the road network and the weather conditions.

– Be especially careful while driving and follow the rules of the Traffic Code.

– To respect the road signs and to comply with the instructions of the traffic wardens.

– Do not use mobile phones or other distracting devices while driving.

– Do not consume alcoholic beverages, if they are going to drive.

– Protect children in the vehicle by making use of child seats.

– Be sure to wear seat belts, as well as helmets on motorcycles.

– To use anti-skid chains, where there are special traffic conditions (frost, etc.).

– Do not overestimate their driving skills and technical capabilities of their vehicles.

– To respect and protect passengers and their fellow human beings who use the road network, driving their vehicle responsibly and thoughtfully.  

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