Eurobank: Successful completion of the Mexico transaction


THE Eurobank Holdings announced that after fulfilling all the conditions and obtaining the necessary approvals, it completed:

  • the sale of 95% of the mezzanine notes and 95% of the junior notes issued under the securitization of a gross portfolio of non-performing loans (NPE) with a nominal value of € 5.2 billion. (€ 3.2 billion book value) (“Mexico Securitization”) and,
  • of the management agreement of this portfolio to doValue Group.
  • The transaction will not have a significant impact on Eurobank’s total regulatory capital and due to the completion of the transaction, the Eurobank NPE index is expected to reach 7.3% at the end of the year.

    Financial Advisor for Eurobank: Alantra Corporate Portfolio Advisors International Limited.

    Legal Advisers for Eurobank: Allen & Overy LLP and Karatza Law Firm & Associates.  

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