Chile – Who is the Greek-born Irina Karamanos – Companion of the country’s left-wing president?


Irina Karamanos has been with Gabriel Boric for the last 2.5 years. But the Chileans started talking about her when she accompanied Boric in his political speech, after he managed to pass to the second round.

Serious and restrained

The country’s media describe her as a “serious”, “moderate” and “low profile” woman who even has a private personal account on Instagram. When asked about Boric, she looks embarrassed.

She strongly believes in gender equality and in her speeches has spoken warmly about women’s rights in Chile. He has condemned the Republican Party of dictator Pinochet and even said that “it is a threat to human rights.”

An issue that concerns her is the increase in crime and security and order issues, while she has also referred to police corruption and its relationship with drug traffickers: “We need to talk about organized crime, gun control, we need to talk about security, the relationship between police and drug traffickers “

Her studies

Irina Karamanos is of Greek origin and is 32 years old. She has studied Anthropology and Communication Sciences in Germany. In fact, in an earlier interview before the elections, she had stated that as soon as her partner wins the elections, she will resign from the position of the “first lady” of the country.

On the subject, he had characteristically said: “There can be no positions in the State that are related to the relationship of the President or with anyone.” He continued: “The position of the first lady deserves to be reconsidered because we are in different times, many things have changed and we need to rethink the power and the relationships that result from it.”

George Karamanos

Irina’s father, Jorge Karamanos or George Karamanos, is a Greek who has lived for many years in Santiago, Chile and is in fact the head of the Greek community in the city.

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