EMA: Current Covid-19 Vaccines Are Less Effective Against Omicron


Preliminary data show a “clear” decline in the effectiveness of current vaccines against the Omicron variant, said the head of the European Drug Regulatory Authority, stating that it will take time to reach a consensus on whether vaccines aimed at the variant will be needed.

Limited findings suggest a drop in antibody counts when two doses are given with Homicron mRNA vaccines but also with adenovirus-based vaccines such as those of Oxford / AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

“The data coming in… is not definitive at all, there are very small numbers, [αλλά] “It is clear that there is a decline in efficiency,” she told the Financial Times Emer Cook, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency. “How much, we do not know,” he added.

However, preliminary data show that a third dose of mRNA vaccine can at least partially restore antibody levels. On Monday, Moderna became the latest vaccine maker to publish the results of a study that said a third dose improved antibody levels. Scientists believe that full vaccination can still protect against serious disease.

“If [η πτώση της αποτελεσματικότητας] “It can be offset by the booster dose we do not know, for us it is still too early,” said Cook. He added that AstraZeneca has not formally applied to use its injection as a booster.

The company said it had submitted data to evaluate its vaccine as a booster and that it continues to work closely with the EMA.

Cook stressed that people should continue to apply non-pharmacological interventions to stop the infection and be vaccinated as well as strengthened when it is offered “because that is the best protection right now”.

“This is really what we need to do as a message now and let science get in the way,” he said. “But if we stop vaccinating and boosting, we will lose several months.”

The decision on whether vaccines are needed to target Omicron will be taken “when there is sufficient scientific evidence that current vaccines do not work,” she said, adding that Omicron is a “major threat” that needs to be assessed by various groups of experts. in global level.

Any decision, he said, is not a decision of Coreper, but of the world scientific community that should be taken by consensus.

Most vaccine manufacturers say they have begun work on evaluating new vaccines against Omicron.

Source: Financial Times


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