Wrestler stabs the referee in the head during the match – Hard images


Kevin Nicholson is a masked wrestler nicknamed “Hannibal”. During a fight he did the unthinkable. He left his opponent and put up with the referee.

In fact, he put him down, climbed on top of him and after the wood that was thrown at him, he started nailing him on the head with a knife. Referee Lando Deltoro crashed to the ground until he fainted and was rushed to hospital.

All of this happened during a cat fight in Irving, Texas. At the hospital, doctors said Lando had almost died after suffering a hypovolemic shock.

It is a life threatening condition that occurs when someone suddenly loses more than 20% of their blood or body fluids. This severe loss of fluid makes it impossible for the heart to pump enough blood to the body. It is caused by blood loss from severe wounds.
The federation punished “Hannibal” by expelling him for life from the ring, for this extremely violent behavior.

“He did not tell me to stop”

For his part, “Hannibal” claimed that he continued to do what he did and while the referee was screaming because at no point did the referee ask him to stop or even tell him that he was in pain.

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