Draghi and Soltz agree on Stability Pact reform


THE Italian Prime Minister Mario Dragi and the young German Chancellor Olaf Solz Speaking to reporters shortly after their meeting in Rome today, they stressed that the two countries have set a “joint action plan” as their goal.

Mario Draghi stressed that this plan will cover the fields of economy, ecological transition and international issues. “We have not yet decided whether it will take the form of an agreement, a cooperation protocol or something else, we are at the beginning of this whole process,” said the Italian technocratic prime minister.

“Our goal is to be able to speak with one voice,” said Olaf Solz.

Regarding the prospect of reform of the European Stability Pact, the Italian Prime Minister stressed: “the post-pandemic era commits European countries to funding unprecedented projects and actions. We need to see how they can fit into a framework with new fiscal rules. “I may be overly optimistic but I think an agreement will be reached, it is simpler than in other areas.”

In this matter, the positions of the two countries are not identical. The German chancellor stressed that “Europe now guarantees everyone the opportunity to solve their problems” and that “the rules have their flexibility, on the basis of which we can move in the future”.

Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Olaf Solz stressed that tomorrow, in Germany, further restrictions and bans can be decided. Mario Draghi said that the new data of the cases of the Omicron variant will be discussed with all the leaders of the parties that support him, on the 23rd of the month, and it will be decided if new measures are required.

The German chancellor, finally, expressed admiration for the success of the vaccination campaign in Italy, adding that he is an example to be imitated for his country.



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