Italy: 8 Million Italians Cancel Christmas Holidays – Mask Required Outdoors in Rome


The dispersal of the ‘Micron’ variant is still a matter of concern in Italy. According to the latest data from the poll company Demoskopika, eight million Italians have decided to cancel their Christmas holidays due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

90% of those who decided to “escape” from their place of residence will remain inside Italy, even for a single day.

Its region Rome confirmed that it was preparing to adopt a measure that would make it again mandatory use of the protective mask in open spaces. The subway is expected to apply from Thursday, while such a decision can be taken during the week and by Drag’s governmenti, with effect in the whole country.

The last twenty-four hours in Italy were recorded 16,213 new cases of coronavirus and 137 deaths. In total, 337,222 diagnostic tests were performed, 4.8% of which were positive.

From the beginning of the pandemic in the country infections is 5,405,368, while 135,778 people have lost their lives from complications of Covid-19.

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