A female boxer ate so much wood in a fight that she was not recognized


The women’s boxing match was between world champion Amanda Serrano and Spanish boxer Miriam Gutierrez.

Everyone was interested a few minutes after the start, it was not which athlete would win – it was obvious that Serrano had no problem – but how many blows Gutierrez would withstand and for how many laps.

He finally endured ten rounds and received a total of 236 blows all in the face. Which means that in each round he received 23.6 hits. In the first round she received 37 punches in the face. And yet he did not fall. In fact, after the end of the match, the two women took a souvenir photo.

And that was what scared everyone. No one could recognize Gutierrez. Her face was swollen from the many blows, her eyes were closed and her nose had become more flattering.

He praised her for her endurance

And next to her, the world champion, as if nothing had happened, posed gracefully, smiling in front of the camera. In fact, Serrano, who is from Puerto Rico, praised the Spaniard for her endurance.

“She did not come to lie down and surrender. She is a tough fighter. I fought with the best Miriam Gutierrez and I won. It was a war from beginning to end. It was my honor.”


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