Unprecedented price increases in energy – Records in succession


THE energy crisis takes unprecedented dimensions, with many factors to negatively affect the price evolution. THE heavy winter which has encroached and the refusal of Russia to increase them gas supplies to Europe they launch pricing every day.

In Hellas, the wholesale electricity price records historical record and reaches 342.35 euros per megawatt hour, from 316.34 euros that was on Sunday. Last year at such a time, the price was close to just 36 euros, marking an increase of 857.62%, ie almost nine times higher.

THE gas price now touches the 146 euros per megawatt hour from 134 euros last Friday.

In this climate, the financial staff assures that if necessary, support measures will continue in 2022.

“A central European mechanism should be set up to support vulnerable households and small and medium-sized enterprises in the face of these large increases in energy costs,” he said. Minister of Environment, Costas Skrekas.

Extremely low temperatures across Europe, lower winds, occasional nuclear power plant interruptions and the maintenance of Russian gas supplies at the same level make up a explosive mix in energy prices.

It is characteristic that the wholesale price of electricity amounted to € 442.88 / MWh in France, € 434.34 / MWh in Austria and € 432.99 / MWh in Belgium.

Its increase electricity subsidy at 49.5 € for the first 300 KWh in December, of the discount on natural gas at 40% and the suspension of payment of 15 € / MWh from the postponement of payment of network fees announced by the Greek government attempt to give a little “breath” to consumers.

“We are ready to face the current crises and we will do it for as long as necessary and for whatever reason in 2022,” he said. Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras.

To detect any breach of the rules of fair competition, h Competition Commission started ex-officio research in the market of retail electricity supply to low voltage customers.

Reportage: Rallou Alexopoulou

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