Traders and the Secretariat of Commerce & Consumer Protection discussed the operation of the market


Meeting in his office Secretary General of Commerce & Consumer Protection, S. Anagnostopoulos, had its president Athens Chamber of Commerce S. Kafounis, the Vice President N. Kogioumtsis and the General Secretary Ath. Tsangaris.

According to the Athens Chamber of Commerce: “The difficulties faced by commercial companies during the current festive period and market developments were discussed.

In particular, the Secretary-General was informed of the constant demand of the commercial world concerning the abolition of the obsolete institution of intermediate discounts as well as of the need for the special designation of commercial tourist shops, operating in geographical areas demarcated as purely touristy. Regions of the country.

In order to deal with Illegal Trade, it was agreed that the cooperation between ESA – General Secretariat of Commerce and DI.M.E.A. to ensure the maximum possible result and then the discussion focused on the changes brought about by the new bill on outdoor trade and made special mention of the intensification of controls in periodic and festive outdoor markets.

Finally, the lack of a regulatory framework for the stores that have reused products (second hand) and the problems that are created in traders & consumers were mentioned “.

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