France – Extreme right-wing misery – Brigitte Macron rumored to be transgender


The far-right internet trolls in France have done a dirty job. They throw mud at the fan with non-existent incidents and say that Brigitte Macron is a transsexual named Jean-Michel Tronier.

In fact, the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux has gone viral in just two weeks. And within a few hours it was read by 66,000 people. At the same time, even the French president’s wife feels unprotected from the internet trolls and has already turned to her lawyers to take legal action against those who spread these misery.

According to Liberation, a large role in spreading this false news is played by many far-right accounts, which are also against the coronavirus, are against vaccination and consider the French President as their main enemy.

The reputation

The first miserable post showed Brigitte Macron as she is today and next to her an old photo of a little boy. The accompanying text read: “We found traces of Brigitte, or Jean-Michel-Henri Tronier, in Toulon in 1973, when she owned a jewelry store, before changing gender and identity, in the late 1980s. Left, the little boy and right when he became a high school teacher and his name was Brigitte ”

According to Le Monde, a hard-line anti-vaccine woman named Natasha Ray, who calls herself a journalist, was the one who started the fame. Her claim was published in the far-right newspaper “Faits et documents” and from then on it was taken and reproduced on the internet by far-right trolls.

However, this particular woman seems to have an obsession with Brigitte Macron, apart from her beliefs, since a while ago she had commented negatively on her external appearance on Facebook, writing that she looks like ET the alien.  

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