Erdogan apologized for textbooks depicting Muhammad


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed regret over the distribution of textbooks depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a Turkish-controlled area in northern Syria, saying an investigation had been launched.

“I am just sad that this happened under a government I lead. “We will do everything we can on this issue,” said the Turkish head of state, adding that no excuse could be accepted for this “shame”.

What the books contained

Syrian authorities announced in late November that they had withdrawn religious books containing images of Mohammed in a Turkish-controlled area.

Residents of the town of Jarablus, near the Turkish border, burned copies of the textbook, which had been distributed by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Erdogan clarified that the search has begun after the identification of other books that contained similar illustrations.

Although not explicitly forbidden in the Qur’an, many Muslims disapprove of the depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, which are considered a form of blasphemy.

In a textbook withdrawn in late November designed specifically for children living in Turkish-controlled Syrian areas, a picture specifically showed a bearded man dressed in a pink sweater and burgundy pants kneeling to welcome his daughter coming down. from the school bus.

“The prophet accepts the daughter of Fatima” was written on the same page, although the sentence was not clearly linked to the image.

Turkey and its allies have taken control of territory in Syria during several military strikes since 2016.

Source: AMPE  

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