Argentina – “Long live the popular uprising” – Tens of thousands take to the streets of Buenos Aires


For the second day in a row, the heart of Buenos Aires was filled with tens of thousands of protesters on Monday in various rallies in honor of the popular uprising of the “great (economic) crisis” of 2001, to the 39 dead from the repression.

Tribute and mobilization

At noon, dozens of unions, social movements, parties to the left of the Peronist government (center-left) gathered in the Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Presidential Palace Casa Rosada, the scene of the worst clashes of the December 19 and 2001 social upheaval.

The rally, which was preceded on Sunday night by a vigil by the same organizations, was both a tribute and a social mobilization in the current economic climate, which for them sounds like a possible repetition of history: Argentina’s heavy debt and Damocles sword of agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that would mean austerity.

“2001-2021: Long live the popular uprising”. “Down with the adjustment!”, “Outside the IMF”, read large banners in the square, which also displayed photos from the demonstrations and clashes in 2001, the repression and the victims.

“December 20 is a very important anniversary in Argentina,” Labor activist Gabriel Solano told AFP.

Very similar situation

“But 20 years later, we see a more or less similar situation: great poverty, misery and again an agreement with the IMF that threatens the people with an adaptation plan. We are returning here, in the Plaza de Mayo, to say that we no longer want an adaptation plan for the people. “

In December 2001, Argentina had seen years of persistent debt, austerity plans and finally a liquidity crisis with a freeze on bank deposits, a boom in shoplifting, riots and the 48-hour resignation of President Fernando de la Roua.

Adolf Rodriguez Saa’s interim successor has ordered the biggest bankruptcy in history ($ 100 billion).

The “great crisis” of 2001 left the Argentines with constant trauma and constant uncertainty about the economic future, but also the memory of an uprising.

Thousands of people

On Monday afternoon, the Plasa de Mayo, after a first demonstration, was filled again, to the sound of winds and drums, by thousands of people, this time after the call of unions and various leftist movements, such as the PCR (Revolutionary Communist Party). ), or those close to Peronism, such as the MUP (Popular Unity Movement) and the Evita Movement (Peron).

Another rally was scheduled for the end of the day.

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