Italy: 9-hour exorcism to 28-year-old from Vicenza


Response from Italy for ERT: Christian Mavris

An incredible story comes from the region of Veneto, in Northeastern Italy.

On Sunday morning, a 28-year-old woman from Vicenza started shouting in the basement of the Madonna di Monte Berico. Curses, screams, and phrases uttered in different voices and in different languages, including Latin, according to the Corriere del Veneto newspaper.

The young woman was out of control, as she ran and jumped on furniture and even attacked a monk confessor and her mother, who realized that her 28-year-old daughter was under the influence of evil.

As a result, the Temple was evacuated and the exorcist of the Temple and four monks rushed to the scene, plus a connected means of video conferencing, who subjected the young woman to an exorcism to free her from evil. The ceremony lasted almost nine hours, from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

According to the Italian media, for the father and the brother of the young woman, the 28-year-old has psychiatric problems. But Father Carlo Rosato, head of the monks of the Order of the Servants of Mary, stressed that “the key to salvation was the mother, the only one who understood that (her daughter) was under the influence of evil.” It should be noted that the Police and an ambulance rushed to the spot, but they did not intervene.

At the end of the exorcism, the young woman “physically collapsed and was taken home”. Father Rosato also points out that the ritual may not have completely liberated the young woman, and that “the road to the prayer of liberation may take years.”

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