Rise in take away and delivery prices in 2022


Along with the new year is required and protection levy of environment in take away and delivery for disposable plastic products, which, according to the Independent Public Revenue Authority, will be “available as food and beverage packaging when sold by catering establishments and retail retailers selling food and beverages”.

The said decision of AADE was published in the Official Gazette and notes that “the payment of the levy is imposed on consumers per piece of product. The plastic cover or lid is considered as a distinct product, for which the contribution is imposed independently “.

According to Law 4736/2020, the amount of the environmental protection contribution has been set at 0.05 euros including VAT, which means that the price of coffee in a cup with a lid will increase by 0.10 euros.

Specifically, the environmental protection contribution concerns:

  • Drink cups, along with lids and lids.
  • Containers of food, ie containers such as cans, with or without lid, in which food is consumed:
    • directly inside or outside the store,
    • mainly from the container
    • without preparation, such as cooking, boiling or reheating, including containers used for fast food or other meals for immediate consumption.
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