The new Omicron variant is now the dominant one in the USA


The Omicron variant of the new coronavirus has now become the dominant one in the US, accounting for 73.2% of infections recorded in the week ending December 18, according to US health officials.

Extremely contagious, Omicron overcame the Delta variant in just a few weeks and now accounts for up to 96.3% of cases in three northwestern US states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC), the country’s main federal public health service.

In the immediately preceding week, which ended on December 11, Omicron’s cases accounted for only 12.6%. In the week ended December 4, they accounted for 0.7%. The micron, which is spreading at an alarming rate, was located in 48 US states as of Monday, while its first confirmed case was recorded after the sequence of the genome in California on December 1.

source: ΑΠΕ

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