Three initiatives of the Ministry of Labor for the transition of the labor market to the digital age


The arrangements for teleworking, the digital work card and the development of digital skills in the context of a new model of employee training, (the relevant bill is presented to the cabinet today), are the three main initiatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the transition of digital work to the new era.

These were emphasized, among others, by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, during his speech at the Digital Economy Forum 2021, organized by the Association of Information Technology and Communications Companies of Greece (SEPE).


  • “At the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, we are trying with specific initiatives to respond to the challenges of the new era. One of them is teleworking, for which we established a very progressive framework with Law on Labor Protection, recognizing that it is a new reality that has come to stay. “Among other things, we have introduced the ‘right of disconnection’, third between the EU and OECD countries, after France and Spain,” the labor minister noted.
  • Digital work card

  • “With the same law”, continued Mr. Hatzidakis, “we brought the very important regulation for the digital work card, which will record in real time the employment of employees, which is guarantee for employee hours. At the same time, it contributes substantially to dealing with suggested work, which is perhaps the biggest problem in the job market today.
    We also piloted it, which is the first step for the implementation of the digital work card, as, through this website, each employee will be able to see for themselves, what his employer has stated about him in the Information System “ERGANI”. We are continuing with the next steps of the implementation of the digital work card, with the aim of using this tool to start in certain sectors in the coming months, such as banks and supermarkets, and then to expand it throughout the market, after consulting everyone. the branches, with the necessary specializations and taking into account the particularities of each branch “.
  • Development of digital skills

  • The third attempt of the ministry, said Mr. Hatzidakis, consists of development of digital skills, in the context of a new philosophy for training.
    As he underlined, “On Tuesday, the cabinet is presented the bill on the training, skills and the new role of OAED.
    This is a radical reform of training in the country, with basic principles of quality, evaluation and certification of both training providers and trainees, but also with care that the money that will go to training to take place.
    Our goal is that training is not something secondary, but an essential resource, a tool for the employee. OAED pilot projects in collaboration with giants such as Amazon, Google and Cisco, show the way we want to follow, for the optimal utilization of the resources, amounting to 1 billion euros, from the Recovery Fund, with programs that will benefit 500,000 young people, employed and unemployed, in the coming years “.
    “We are moving in her direction exploiting the new digital age on the part of the Ministry of Labor. We have instituted modern, innovative regulations for teleworking. We proceed to the settings for the digital work card with all the necessary specializations, in order to control the phenomenon of “Black” and suggested work “We are adopting a new philosophy on training issues and especially on digital skills, because we want EU money to take its place and training to become a ‘weapon’ for workers and the unemployed for the future,” he said.

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