Male sperm can have a worse quality for l …


According to a small Belgian scientific study, the quality of male sperm can be affected for a few months after the disease

The publication was published in the journal Fertility & Sterility with researchers, led by Dr. Gilbert Doders of Antwerp University Hospital, collecting sperm samples from 120 men with an average age of 35 years, averaging 52 days they no longer had symptoms after their illness.

60% of the samples had reduced sperm motility and 37% reduced quantity. Samples two months after recovery, 37% showed reduced mobility and 29% reduced number.

The severity of the disease however did not appear to be related to sperm quality where the virus was not detected at the same time.

The researchers noted that «Couples wishing to become pregnant should be warned that sperm quality after Covid-19 infection may not be the best».

They estimated that the quality of sperm in the majority would return about three months after their recovery, but said that more studies were needed.

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