Great frost in the mountains and north of the country this morning, with the temperature again close to -9 degrees


Severe cold prevails in the mountains of the country on Tuesday morning. The stations of the network of the National Observatory of Athens / recorded the lowest temperatures in Agios Pavlos, Imathia, where the thermometer showed -8.5 degrees Celsius, in Variko, Florina (-7.9), in Nevrokopi (-7.4). ) and in Mesovouno Kozani (-7.3).

The network stations that operate in ski resorts and mountain shelters recorded even lower prices. The temperature dropped to -12.8 degrees Celsius in Kaimaktsalan, while at the Lailia shelter in Serres and at the Selio ski resort at -10.8 degrees Celsius.

source: ΑΠΕ

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