OPAP: Proceeds to its digital transformation


The strategic plan for the digital transformation of OPAP is progressing rapidly. According to a relevant announcement, the projects and initiatives for the digital transformation of the company won a total of 9 top awards at the “Mobile Excellence Awards”, “Hellenic Innovation Awards”, “e-Volution Awards” and “BITE Awards”. In fact, OPAP was awarded as “Mobile Brand of the Year”, while it won the “Top HI Award for Innovative Company” and “Platinum” award in the category “Digital Innovation”, standing out among dozens of Greek companies from all sectors.

The largest IoT (Internet of Things) network in Europe

From all the technological projects implemented by OPAP stands out a new digital ecosystem for OPAP stores, at the heart of which is the new application for mobile phones “OPAP Store App”. As it is emphasized, this is a solution that is expected to radically change the customer experience in OPAP stores, as it offers the possibility of autonomous, real-time, betting, without the need for the participation of the store staff in the process. For the release of the new innovative application, according to the regulatory framework for the operation of the company, it was necessary to accurately locate the location of the mobile phone within the OPAP store. In this context, one of the largest ecosystems “Internet of Things” in Europe was created, which utilizes more than 10,000 detection devices (Beacons), in more than 3,600 OPAP stores and has the ability to activate services and content on the mobile device of each customer. .

Priority in digital transformation

The utilization of existing and new technologies, guided by the provision of better solutions and the improvement of productivity, is one of the main pillars of the new business strategy “Fast Forward” implemented by OPAP. As Mr. Kostis Paikos, Digital Director of OPAP, emphasizes, “we are implementing a comprehensive strategic plan for the utilization of emerging technologies & best practices of digital service design for the digital transformation of the company and the services we offer to our customers.

Our goal is to better understand their needs and design new, improved “phygital” services, upgrading their entertainment experience, at all points of their interface with us. At the same time, we will be able to develop more advanced two-way communication channels, offering personalized content, to the right user, at the right time, on the right device “.


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