Paris: Man holding two women hostage arrested


Paris – Correspondence: Thomas Papaioannou

The man who, armed with a knife, was holding two women hostage in a store in Paris yesterday, Monday afternoon, was arrested. According to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen, authorities had quickly ruled out the possibility of a terrorism case, as the 56-year-old perpetrator was known for his psychiatric history of.

Reports speak of mof Aromanian origin Omar Al-Raddad, who became known to the police because he was harassing a doctor in the same district of Paris.

From 3:30 pm yesterday when it invaded in a store in the Bastille district, asks to meet the Minister of Justice, who is one of the most famous lawyers in France. He also wanted to talk to another lawyer “whom he admires a lot”.

Yesterday, the man had released one of the women and negotiations were continuing for the release of the second hostage.

From the beginning of the incident, the police had blocked access to the area.

The perpetrator has been investigated by the police department of the 12th arrondissement, the Paris prosecutor’s office pointed out.  

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