And who will deal with the NSS?


Intubated outside the ICU, dozens of covid admissions in every on-call time, full of clinics with exhausted health care, understaffing and mismanagement of hospitals… Nevertheless, we continue to deal with when and who had taken the study Tsiodramen – Lytra of last year.

Greece is experiencing here as well two months the fiercest and deadliest wave of the pandemic, with hospitals, especially in the periphery, collapsing and the blacklist of the dead “writing” 20,000 losses -of which almost 15,000 in 2021.

There are organic vacancies for doctors and nurses? There are.

Why is the government not hiring doctors and nurses, but preparing to hire 4,000 priests?

Have all surgeries, even those of cancer patients, been suspended by 60% -80%? They have, and this is what the doctors themselves say.

Are there buildings with excellent machinery and facilities but without people? There are. There is an irrational distribution of materials and human resources, a system with outdated perceptions, without evaluation mechanisms? There is.

The problem faced by the National Health System regarding the operation of Intensive Care Units (ICU) in hospitals across the country is real, chronic and largely man-made.

The number of doctors and nurses is significantly lower than the needs, in other words they are not enough to provide the required quality of care that will ensure the survival of patients as much as possible.

The responsibilities of the state are immediate. The government must speed up and explain in detail the plan for reconstruction of the NSS, convincing that, if necessary, he will break eggs. On the other hand, the official opposition must resist the ease of reflexive attacks.

The strengthening of the National Health System is therefore imperative by the circumstances. This is not a matter of party rivalries or ideological confrontations. It is now a national issue.

«Instead of trying to defeat the coronavirus, the country must do what it has always needed to do – create health systems and establish policies that protect the health of entire communities, especially the most vulnerable.». He wrote “The Atlantic”, about America. The same is true here.

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