Karamanlis: “Bralos-Amfissa” is being auctioned


“With the forthcoming auction of” Bralos – Amfissa “, part of the diagonal Road Axis” Lamia – Itea – Antirrio “, we are preparing to add another important piece to the overall puzzle of the country’s road network”, stressed the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Karaman , in an event organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fokida, at the Cultural Center of Amfissa.

“Bralos – Amfissa”, about 25 km long with two tunnels, eight bridges and eight level junctions, concerns the construction of the section from Bralos to the beginning of the Gravia bypass and from the Bauxite Mining Level Junction to Amfissa. In the meantime, the Gravia bypass has already been constructed. The length of the total route will be reduced by four kilometers.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, speaking about the wider project, pointed out that the diagonal road axis “Lamia – Itea – Antirrio” is a particularly important part of the E65. It connects PATHE with Ionia Odos. It brings closer southwestern Greece with Central Sterea, Thessaly and Macedonia. Reduces travel time from Patras and Antirrio to Lamia.

“It is a project that will completely change road transport and transportation. Because not only will it allow the fastest movement from Central Greece and Thessaly directly to Western Greece. But it will also connect the port of Patras with that of Volos. “And it will upgrade the Rio Antirrio bridge, which will henceforth be able to serve three major roads”, stressed Mr. Karamanlis and added: “What does all this mean? Better and easier everyday life for thousands of citizens. But also a new, important economic perspective. For the whole country and especially -of course- for the wider region. “In particular, new opportunities for tourism development for the north coast of the Corinthian and Patraic Gulfs.”

“If anything characterizes SYRIZA over time, it is an incredible political audacity,” the Minister of Infrastructure concluded.

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