USA – A missing student was found being held by a man she had met online


A student in Utah, USA, 19-year-old Madeleine Allen, met 39-year-old Brent Neil Brown on the Internet, as a result of which she went through a shocking adventure, while she was declared missing.

The unfortunate student was detained for 5 years against her will by the man she met online before she was finally located by the authorities in the basement of his house and was rescued.

According to the New York Post, citing information from the local police, the 19-year-old was rescued late last Saturday, about five days after she disappeared from the dormitory where she was staying.

She was terrified

The girl was found naked, terrified and “covered with coals” in the basement of the 39-year-old, who probably tried to hide her in this way from the police who arrived at his door and asked about her.

The accusations faced by the 39-year-old

The perpetrator has been arrested and faces serious charges of kidnapping, rape, rape and obstruction of justice.

“We do not have much information about him. “We do not know how far their relationship had progressed (before the abduction), nor how well the victim knew him,” local police chief Derek Walk told a news conference on Saturday.

The chronicle of the case

Allen had met Brown online on a chat group and arranged to pick him up from her dorm on December 13th. Cameras recorded the young girl leaving her dormitory holding a plastic bag. Her classmates reported her missing the next day when they saw she had not returned.

More and more violent – He tied her up

In the days when he forcibly kept the 19-year-old girl at home, the 39-year-old was slowly becoming more and more violent. On December 14, she allowed the student to send a message to her family, but then took her cell phone and wallet to make sure she could not escape. When he left for work, he tied the girl up and threatened her that if she left him or told anyone what had happened, he would hurt her family.

How the student was located

After five days of great agony for the girl’s family and friends, the investigators who had taken over the case were able to locate the house where the missing girl was being held, in a small town of 500 inhabitants called Loa. When police knocked on his door, Brown opened up and claimed he was alone. A little while later, Allen was found in the basement of the house, naked and covered with coals.

The parents of the 19-year-old said they were relieved to find their daughter, who was discharged from the hospital, while it remains unknown how serious the injuries Allen suffered during her abduction are. “She is a fighter,” said the parents of the girl who will now struggle to overcome the trauma left by her abduction.

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